Multidisciplinary Research Building
The Multidisciplinary Research Building also known as MRB

The Multidisciplinary Engineering Research Building, houses bioengineering faculty and graduate students with a primary affiliation in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. The 25,000 square foot and $6.8M was completed in 2006. Current bioengineering faculty occupants include Profs. Hanjaya-Putra, Holland, Ovaert, Niebur, Roeder, Schmid and Zorlutuna.

The Multidisciplinary Engineering Research Building houses more than a dozen laboratories designed specifically for bioengineering research, including the:

  • Biochemical Analysis Laboratory
  • Biological Tissue Laboratory
  • Biomaterials Processing Laboratory
  • Biomedical Imaging Laboratory
  • Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory
  • Computation and Simulation Laboratory
  • Histology and Specimen Preparation Laboratory
  • Manufacturing Laboratory
  • Micromechanics Laboratory
  • Mechanical Testing Laboratory
  • Mechanobiology Laboratory
  • Tribology Laboratory